Marvel Team-Up #94 (1980): Shroud

Last issue ended with a new character, a woman who only Spider-Man could see: Dansen Macabre.  It’s kind of interesting that a Los Angeles villain’s power is to be see only when she wants to, given the paparazzi etc. out there.

Anyhow, the next issue is her story, and teams Spidey up with Shroud, but the real star is Mike Zeck.  Look how different his art is, above, from the panel above it, which is from the end of issue #93.

I think this was his first issue as a penciler for Marvel.  Anyway, his distinct, barrel-chested style was a clear precursor to the over-steroided bodies of the 1990s.

Storywise, it’s a somewhat-above-mediocre issue.  Danse’s power is to dance and hypnotize people, which effectively means she becomes “invisible.” And she doesn’t like Shroud, so she Spidey after him, but her plan fails because she’s a bad guy and baddies never win.

Many years later, Dansen Macabre and The Shroud, along with Werewolf By Night (who was in the last issue of MTU) made for half the membership of the team The Night Shift.  They wouldn’t come together with Needle, Tick Tock, Brothers Grim, Misfit and Gypsy Moth until West Coast Avengers #40 in 1989, written by Mark Gruenwald.

Creators: Steven Grant and Mike Zeck
Grade: C+

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