Quasar #10 (1990)

“Kree for all” is the name of the story.  Doctor Minerva and Captain Atlas capture Quasar.  And they do it pretty easily.  So why did they bother hiring MODAM last issue?

The story starts with Quasar delivering Halflife to prison. Then, Minerva and Atlas capture Quasar while he is sleeping.

That’s it. I told you it was easy.

Of course, once they have him, Eon the Floating Head realizes Quasar is unconscious and captured so he sends a psychic shout, wakes Quasar up, and Green LanternQuasar escapes quite easily and bests both Minerva and Halflife.

In the process, there’s a hull breach on the spaceship being used to kidnap Quasar, he saves Atlas’ life, and Atlas and Minerva agree to leave him alone as repayment.

They’ll be back, though.

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