Wolverine #167-169 (2001): Blood Sport; deaths of Gamecock, Oddball, Razorfist, Forearm

Wolverine competes in Madripoor’s Bloodsport event, which is basically just an excuse for a bunch of D-listers to get facetime in comic book that has Wolverine on the cover. It’s fun, though, seeing matchups involving guys like Gamecock, Razorfist, and Taskmaster. I’d forgotten about them. The fights appear in most cases to be “to the death” (and yet some of the killed characters appear again without explanation).

Also, Anaconda kills Forearm

Mister X is in the competition and he tries to sabotage Wolverine by drugging him. Wolverine, once he figures out that Mister X is a telepath, wipes his own mind into beserker rage, making telepathy useless.

This story flows into the return of Ogun–one of Wolverine’s oldest teachers. Ogun is a ghost who literally possesses/body hops. Logan and Viper track Ogun and talk about how Wolverine wants a divorce.

Lots going on in this story, and it’s pretty well done.

Ogun then takes hold inside Wolverine’s wife, Viper (remember? they’re married!).

To free her from Ogun, or to free himself from Viper, Wolverine stabs her and that makes her agree to the divorce.

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