UNCANNY X-MEN #202-203 (1981): Secret Wars II

So in the Spider-Man tie-ins this month, Puma set off to kill Beyonder.

Now, in the X-Men tie-in, Rachel Summers—who just became Phoenix—goes for it.  Let’s hope she succeeds! 

x-men 202 beyonder vs rachel

Claremont and Romita do their level best to make this an exciting effort, but as soon as we see the Secret Wars II tie-in notice on the cover, we should expect that anything that happens in this issue will be rolled back and “un-happened,” because that’s what’s been done with literally every single Beyonder intervention so far.  And it is.

Beyonder kills everyone, then brings them back.

And rather than kill Beyonder, Rachel just shames him.

And Kitty yells at him.

We do watch Rachel wrestle with the nearly omnipotent power-up of being Phoenix, and it is handled well but…I just don’t like Beyonder.

The positives: A good Sentinel fight.

And typical Wolverine fun.

Meanwhile, Nimrod time jumps around a lot to visit the X-Men in the days of future past storyline.

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