EXCALIBUR #124-125 (1998): Series Ends

We end with a wedding.

And yeah, just about all the weird crap from the early parts of this series and the later “Captain Britain Corps” stuff all get brief appearances.

The wedding is crashed (because all Marvel weddings get crashed!) by The Crazy Gang, but it’s all a ruse by Feron so they all join the party.

Pete Wisdom can’t stand to see Kitty, so he gets trashed.

Afterwards, the team breaks up. Douglock (who has a massive hangover) goes with Dr. MacTaggert. Kitty, Colossus and Nightcrawler decide to go back to the X-Men (and the half-dozen X-teams, I guess) to help in the search for the missing Charles Xavier. Merlin and Roma hypothsize that eventually the team will re-form. Someday.

And of course it will.

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