INCREDIBLE HULK #328 (1987): 1st Peter David

Check out the writer’s name.  But don’t get too excited.  This is not the first issue of Peter David’s run on Hulk—it’s just the first issue he wrote.

And the idea is pretty cool.  Someone who was hurt by Hulk has hired a hitman to take out Bruce Banner.  It’s remarkable that nobody thought of this earlier.  The assassin is named “Fragment,” and by the end of the issue it’s clear that he’s imaginary—a piece of Banner’s own fractured psyche.

Banner’s wounded self and his battles with his Hulk persona will be hugely important to David’s run, so we’re seeing him begin to work with these concept in this standalone issue. 

Peter David’s run will end up being probably the best—certainly the most unique and different—in the history of the character.

Also, Hulk is gray now.  So a new letter page banner is in order. And so is a new corner box…

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