With a hefty 35 cent price tag, Spider-Man was the first Marvel hero to pioneer an oversized magazine that contained original material. The format, done in black-and-white, was supposed to attract college-aged kids and people in their later 20s.

A giant “human robot” is smashing up campaign billboards for Richard Raleigh, a law-and-order candidate.

But of course Richard Raleigh himself is behind it.

It’s a fairly predictable paranoid-white-male-politician tale that ends with Raleigh killed by his own giant and J. Jonah Jameson being a jerk about all of it.

There’s also a back-up story retelling Spider-Man’s origin, with art by Larry Leiber, that recreates several classic panels including this one, without the famous googley-eyes typo.

Only this time, as you can see in the bottom panel above, Stan Lee doesn’t narrate the “with great power comes great responsibility line,” Peter himself says it.

That’s still not Uncle Ben saying it, which is what most people believe.

And in case you don’t remember the famous Steve Ditko eyeball panel…

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