PUNISHER #17 (1997): Series Ends

A bunch of supercops finally realize that if Punisher was executed on death row there should have been a dead body. So they go out to validate his “death.”

Obviously, Punisher is not dead–but he did “die” not once but twice in this series.

While the group is chatting on a rooftop, Daredevil stops by to “no shit, Sherlock” them.

The cops hit the streets, interrogating Spider-Man, visiting SHIELD, and punching lowlifes for info.

Meanwhile, nobody can find Punisher because he has a beard now. He also has amnesia. But he still knows about beating up criminals.

Then the story abruptly ends.

I can’t imagine they needed to cancel a Punisher book. The dude is a perennial–he can always draw a crowd

Anyone know the backstory of why this book ended in the middle of a storyline?

This was a very good Punisher book. I’m sad it’s done.

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