Amazing Spider-Man #13-14 (2000): MJ “dies” (nobody falls for it)

Main story: Mary Jane is flying away to a photo shoot. Peter is supposed to meet her at the airport, but of course Parker Luck prevails and various traffic events and baddies prevent him from seeing her off.

She leaves, and her plane blows up in mid-air, presumably the work of a stalker who has been attempting to blow her up over several recent Spider-Man issues.

Spider-Woman (Martha Franklin version) guest stars in #14, fighting Spider-Woman (Charlotte Witter version). During the battle, Mattie figures out that Peter Parker is Spider-Man.

There is no reason for this to be happening here and not in the Spider-Woman series. Except that she takes “crushing on Spider-Man” to a new level…

That story line is continued in Spider-Woman #9.

Subplot: Rocket Racer’s costume and equipment are stolen and the thief wants to take out Spider-Man.

The villain is knocked out when a chef accidentally opens a refrigerator door in front of him.

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