UNCANNY X-MEN #159 (1982): Dracula

A Bill Sienkiewicz cover. Could we be lucky enough to have him do the interior, too?

Yes! He starts with a great splash page. Bill’s art looks influenced by the Neal Adams X-Men style.

The X-Men show up at Misty Knight’s apartment to visit their pal. But instead of Misty they find Luke Cage’s model girlfriend Harmony Young.

The team hangs out. Wolverine has a beer.

They’re visiting because Kitty has a New York City meeting with her parents. Why didn’t the X-Men call ahead, so Misty would be expecting them? And why didn’t Storm bring civlian clothes? I don’t know and I don’t care because this scene is so much fun to read.

Storm leaves to get an outfit…And doesn’t come back.

She’s found in an alley with bite marks on her neck, and while in her hospital bed, she is visited…

Such amazing art.


Note the “spot box” above. I don’t recall ever seeing this device in a Marvel comic before. It essentially serves as an equivalent to a motion picture “zoom in.”


As she’s being turned into a vampire, she shows symptoms.

Time for a rescue mission.

Kitty dresses like Indiana Jones (Marvel was doing the comic tie-in to that movie) to fight the vamp.

And it turns out that Ororo is too tough for the Count.

And Drac runs away in the end.

In the end, this is another “Kitty proves herself” story.

Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

Bill S. is a certified genius. One of the greatest comic artists of all time.

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