GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY #27-29 (1992): Infinity War; Valentino’s run ends

This series takes place in a (possibly) alternate future, but these three issues are squarely in Marvel 616 continuity.

The team travels back in time to participate in the 1992 Infinity War event–a sequel to the (superior) Infinity Gauntlet event.

They land on the moon and meet The Inhumans. They fight, of course, and then realize they should talk to The Avengers. So, a pointless friend-on-friend fight–but fun.

Then they teleport into Avengers Mansion and fight Jarvis and some Avengers.

The event shows the Masters of Evil greatly expanding to include a ton of new members–many pictured above.

They don’t get along well.

The I.W. also event involves dopplegangers, so in addition to meeting The Inhumans, the GotG fight evil versions of themselves and of 616 timeline characters.

It’s not a significant development for the event series, or for the Guardians, but it’s fun seeing them interact with the “real” 616 heroes.

These are also Jim Valentino’s last issues–he’s been with the series from the beginning. He’s done a decent job with a hard book (hard because it “doesn’t matter”).

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