48 more pages of Punisher killing people. That’s about what we have here. Three stories, two by regular series writer Chuck Dixon. In other words, not much difference between this special and all the other monthly Punisher comics.

Colonel DeSade returns (from 1991’s Summer Special) as a snuff film maker. And Punisher kills him. If you were interested in that character, this is the comic for you.

I do want to note these panels:

Punisher is getting meaner. I think that’s supposed to count as character development. But it’s also meta. In the early ’90s, EVERYTHING in comics was getting meaner–which was often used as an argument that comics were “maturing” and “not just for kids.” Okay. But love and philosophy and depth are also mature. And we didn’t see that at Marvel in the ’90s–or much of anywhere.

Comics got more violent and Punisher simply reflected the times.

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