GENERATION X #10-11 (1995): Death Wall

Mondo joined the team in the 1995 annual, and now it is his orientation day.

It’s a party.

Skin doesn’t like to get dressed up.

Mondo joined the group to learn how to use his powers.

Clearly, he needs the help.

Omega Red crashes the party, first attacking Banshee. Monet finds him, nearly dead.

Her powers are pretty damn cool.

The rest of the team fan out to find who hurt Banshee.

And they find Omega Red.

He takes out most of the team.

For some unclear reason, Chamber is immune to Omega Red’s toxic spores.

It enables Chamber to fight him off.

Emma pulls from Banshee’s mind that he worked with Magneto (before he took on the Magneto identity and was a secret agent) to hunt down Omega Red (before he was Omega Red, when he was a serial killer).

This is the second time Emma and Banshee have “talked” while Banshee was unconscious.

And we close with the party resuming.

Foreshadowing: Several threads portend upcoming stories. Monet is clearly hiding something from everyone, and it’s connected to Penance, who is in a coma now. Emplate is getting ready to attack again, with Gayle Edgerton as an ally (she, too, is a “marrow vampire” who feeds off the energy of mutants). Chamber and Paige seem to have a thiiiiiinnggg, goin’ onnnnnnnn.

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