VISION #1-4 (1994-1995): Vision quits Avengers

Vision gets a miniseries. And it’s a noir.

OK, no not really. But look at the cover, above–the marquee references creator and editor Ralph Macchio. Nice.

Vision and all the robotlike characters get a computer virus that turns them into Humphrey Bogart.


Could this have been fun? Yes. Is it? No. No it is not.

Vision from another timeline (“Anti-Vision”) wants to take 616 Vision’s body, which 616 Vision took from him in the first place. This ties to the Gatherer’s timeline, so if you like characters like Deathcry and alternate versions of 616 characters, this will be fun for you.

Also alternate universe Jacosta. And they make out.

Is he cheating on Scarlet Witch if it all happens in an alternate reality? Maybe. Probably.

It’s pretty bad.

And why does Vision have to be hypermuscular like everyone else in the ’90s? He’s artificial. The muscles are unnecessary. And they look ridiculous.

Vision lost his personality a long time ago. At the end of this series, he gets a personality back. It’s not Bogart, but it’s also not his old one. So I guess that’s kind of important. He also quits the Avengers.

He flies off with Ultron and Jocosta on his arms. Marvel is officially out of ideas.

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