Marvel Comics Presents #49 (1990): Daredevil, Gladiator

Issue #49 has two 8-page stories, about Daredevil and Gladiator. But it’s not the Gladiator from Daredevil’s book, a.k.a. Melvin Potter, it’s the Shi’ar dude who is basically Superman.  It would have been really cool to have two short stories that are tied together in the same issue, but this comic doesn’t seem to be about innovation.  It seems to be about volume—throw as much stuff as possible out there and hope some of it separates people from their money.

In the Daredevil story, he fights a guy who uses two aluminum souvenir-sized bats as weapons.

Then Gladiator fights a space monster. And there is absolutely no mistaking that he’s a Superman rip off.

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