Amazing Spider-Man Annual #17 (1983)

Peter Parker goes to his reunion to find one of his High School classmates is a small-town hood with ties to Kingpin. It’s nota. good comic. Even the cover is unimaginative.

But Kingpin wears bikini briefs, so there’s that. Also, he can only lift one-and-half-plates?

Dude. Do you EVEN lift?

Roger Stern gets plot credit.

1 thought on “Amazing Spider-Man Annual #17 (1983)”

  1. I liked it. Most importantly, it gave us an idea of how ‘Marvel-Time’ flows in relation to ‘real-time’: Parker graduated from Midtown High School in 1965, ( in ‘Amazing Spider-Man#28 ) and, eighteen years later, he and his class are celebrating their fifth reunion. Very illuminating. Also, just because we have often seen the Kingpin slapping Spidey ( and Daredevil ) around, doesn’t mean the man necessarily has superhuman strength. It means he’s just big, and, yes, size matters. Don’t ever doubt it. Just ask Hank Pym, Bill Foster, and Clint Barton. So, the amount of weight on that curl-bar is just fine. I used to curl weights back in my youth, and, believe me, it’s NOT the amount of weight you can curl that matters, it’s how many TIMES you can CURL it! A fact that the Kingpin here understands very, very well. And, yes, that g-string he is wearing here is just too much! “C+”.


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