Black Panther #41-45 (2002): Enemy of the State II

This story is really complicated–like most of Priest’s Panther stories–so I’m going to keep this to an oversimplified overview.

A Russian mob group replaces the President of the United States and Canada’s Prime Minister with alternate brainwashed versions from the future, so that the mob now controls both countries. Pfff. That’s ridiculous! Russia could never infiltrate the United States and have control over the Presidency!

Black Panther realizes the truth, but to save the free world he has to fight an also-mindcontrolled Iron Man–with Wolverine’s help.

At the same time, an alternate future Black Panther is also involved–making this even more confusing.

Panther even gets sent back in time to meet classic Marvel Western gunslingers! But that happens at the end, and it’s really for the next story.

This is a really, really great Black Panther story–but you have to read it to appreciate it. It didn’t make any huge changes or anything, and it was done while Black Panther the series was facing cancellation. But well worth your time to find and read.

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