X-STATIX #6-8 (2003): Moons of Venus

With Professor Xavier’s help, Venus Dee Milo has been dimension-hopping, trying to track down her family.

professor x with a gun

He kills an interdimensional invader along with the way, with a pistol.

Xavier has become more familiar with her–and her difficulty not having a corporeal body–so he makes her a suit that will express her feminine nature.

Rightly, she rejects it as creepy.

This is hardly the first time Professor X has hit on a student, but it’s the most clear expression of it.

Meanwhile, with all those containment suits lying around, a guy named Bad Guy steals them, combines them, and fights X-Statix. Orphan is missing, and his real name is Guy Smith, so we’re led to believe that “Bad Guy” is actually Guy Smith–but it’s not. We’re also led to believe that it is Venus’ cousin. Also not.

But by the end of the story, Guy Smith returns, Venus puts on the sexy body suit, and they go at it.

With Doop listening at the door.

But when Venus orgasms, she teleports both herself and Guy to another dimension where she finally finds her family.

The relentlessly weird (and often gross) nature of this title is losing some of its novelty. It’s still a very good book, but noat as fresh as it was in the beginning.

IMG_7817 x statix 8

In which Mister Sensitive hooks up with Venus De Milo and we learn that Doop is a peeping tom.  I mean, he’s paid to film the team’s adventures, but here he doesn’t even have a camera!


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