INCREDIBLE HULK #190-191 (1975): 1st Glorian

It starts with a baby bear.

Then the main story gets started, and it’s a Shaper of Worlds jam featuring the first appearance of Glorian (he previously appeared as Thomas Gideon, son of a millionaire with ties to the Fantastic Four).

Glorian is a golden Hermes-like character who works for Shaper of Worlds by finding people with desperate dreams so Shaper can make them come true.

In the course of the two issues, we see fantasy versions of a bunch of minor characters that Hulk befriended, Jarella, and Hulk being rocketed off Earth to the toad-man planet. The Toad Men are the same villains from Hulk #2.

In the end, Hulk rejects Shaper’s fantasy world and returns home.

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