Darkhawk #21-25 (1992-1993): Return to Forever: The Darkhawk Origin

The cover bills this as Darkhawk’s origin story, but it starts with a big ugly monster trying to steal his amulet.  

It happens at a graveyard, which gets the attention of Ghost Rider because he has nothing better to do.

Yodda yodda yodda.  More magical alien amulets.  An evil amulet wearer named (ahem) Evilhawk.

Evilhawk appears to vaporize Darkhawk at the end of #24.

No such luck. Darkhawk surviving is the second-biggest crisis to happen at the World Trade Center.

Basically all we learn origin-wise is that Darkhawk found an alien amulet.  Which we already knew.  And the Ghost Rider appearance is completely gratuitous.  I mean, there’s an expanded mythology about the aliens, but they all look like cut-rate Spaceknights and it’s really hard to care about all this.  It’s very generic. Even in the graveyard scene, the tombstones are blank. In a good comic, there would have been names of comic book creators on the stones.

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