IMG_0340So they’ve stopped numbering the JLA/JSA team-ups at this point, in 1983, and this issue is a rare bright spot in a pretty dark time for the JLA. The stories are tired, the art is weak, the writing is lazy…Just about the only really good thing about the comic at this point are the covers.

Go away indeed. The story of this crossover is Black Canary’s origin, retold again. Turns out she’s not Black Canary. Or, I should say, she’s not the original one. She’s actually the daughter of the Earth Two Black Canary, but she had her mom’s memories. It’s a weird story, but oddly good. Seems like the JSA crossovers always make JLA up their game.

In any event, I understand that this isn’t even the real origin anymore—it was redone several times since this story. So I guess this comic doesn’t matter.

The highlight for me, though, is a discussion between the Flashes of both Earths. Flash seems to be the character in DC who always has the best understanding of the multiple Earth phenomenon.



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