Wolverine #10 (1989): 1st Silver Fox

Last issue, Peter David did a fill-in (he will soon become the regular writer), and his issue was a done-in-one.  Chris Claremont doesn’t really do done-in-one stories.  He built his entire reputation on complex, interwoven storylines and a stubborn unwillingness to neatly “wrap things up.”  In a lot of ways, he represents a voice of “realism” in comics, because let’s face it: Almost nothing in life is every fully completed.

In that spirit, Claremont does a single-issue story here.

The story goes into the history of Wolverine’s long-standing hatred of Sabretooth—he killed one of Wolverine’s female friends, long ago in the days before Wolverine was part of Project X.

It’s the first appearance of Silver Fox, a rare example of a Native American female hero. She has no powers but she’s good with a gun, is ex-Hydra and ex-Project X, and is a problem-solver for the Blackfoot tribe in Canada. She’s also dead in her first appearance.

It’s a solid story—the kind of thing this book does well.  The story is a flashback, and Jessica Drew appears in the contemporary framing scenes.

In the end, we’re promised that next issue will be more typical Claremont: A six-issue “epic.”

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