UNCANNY X-MEN #144 (1981): Man-Thing

A mostly Cyclops issue where he fights D’Spayre, and is aided by Man-Thing.

D’Spayre gets an old man to kill himself (and it’s pretty graphic as Marvel suicides go), and then replaces him–scaring the crap out of his daughter.

It happens in Florida, and Man-Thing is drawn to the girls’ feeling. When he reaches D’Spayre, we see that Man-Thing burns himself when afraid.

Meanwhile, Cyclops is also in Florida, in a bar, playing pool.

He eventually meets up with the Man-Thing story, and together they take down D’Spayre.

Chris Claremont made this issue a rare tonal change for X-Men. It’s got some superheroics, but it’s largely a horror story.

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