MARVEL FANFARE #7 (1983): Hulk vs. Unus and Blob; Daredevil


Marvel Fanfare #7 is the first great issue of this series. There were good issues before this, don’t get me wrong, but this one is truly great. It starts with a Hulk story by Steven Grant and Joe Barney.

But it’s not really a Hulk story. It’s really a buddy story about The Blob and Unus the Untouchable.

Unus’ powers are out of whack so nothing can touch him, but of course Blob is an unstoppable, immovable object. So he’s the only one who can feed Unus.

It’s a small idea, but a great one. And their fight with Hulk is even better. It’s fun, it’s funny, and it’s sweet.

In his recent appearance in Power Man and Iron Fist, Unus was able to shut down his own field—apparently, that doesn’t work for him anymore.

Then Hulk comes along and eventually figures out how to beat up Blob.  Unus shows up to defend his friend, and Hulk hits Unus’ field with all his Hulk might and…Unus’ field disappears completely!  He’s cured!

It’s a rare story where the villains get a happy ending. Sort of. Blob has had the crap kicked out of him by Hulk. But he’ll get better. By Steven Grant and Joe Barney.


The back-up feature is the opposite: It’s the rare example of a superhero story where the superhero fails. Don’t read it if you love dogs, because, spoiler alert, the dog dies.

The scond story is Daredevil helping a blind kid find his seeing-eye dog…But when finally tracks the dog down, it’s been euthanized.  Seriously.  It’s damn dark, but not terrible.

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