TASKMASTER #1-4 (2002)

Taskmaster looks cool and has a cool power set. Can he carry his own series? No. Or at least if he can, this one isn’t it. For starters, Taskmaster has pretty much a perfect costume but the creators replace it with this:

It’s not a good look.

Marvel’s editors can’t seem to get it through their collective skulls that putting guys with really cool power sets in armor takes away all the stuff about them that’s cool and turns them into luke-warm versions of Iron Man. See also: Spider-Man in Spider-Armor and Daredevil’s brief armored period.

Taskmaster is hired by Sunset Bain to mess with Tony Stark’s company. It’s fairly generic, but there is a unique twist on Taskmaster’s “photogenic reflexes” powers: He’s hired by a casino to identify people who are cheating, and because he can memorize everything they do, he’s very successful.

There’s a lot more to this than just being able to copy what someone else does. It’s a reach, but it’s an interesting take.

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