I guess it was inevitable that eventually we’d get an issue titled, “Tigra, Tigra, burning bright!”  And another titled, “The lady or the Tigra.”  These are those stories. (Issue #16 will be called “A Tale of Two Kitties” and will feature Tigra and Hellcat.)

We start with a training exercise where Hawkeye actually suggests that his skill set is more graceful than a cat.

Tigra continues to get more and more catlike and horny, and Hank Pym tries to shake some sense into her.  Then WCA arch-enemy Master Pandemonium (such an awful character) allies with a demon and kidnap Tigra.  She was just kidnapped last issue, and now she’s taken again.

The villains like the pussy I guess.

Since they’re facing an extradimensional threat, they call on Daimon Hellstrom and Patsy Walker for help.  The newlyweds live in a Brownstone (street #666, naturally), and the Avengers just sit on their front steps waiting for them.  Seriously.  In full uniform.  Nobody in the neighborhood recognizes them and asks for autographs.

I guess I shouldn’t gripe about that being unrealistic, given that this is a superhero comic with demons in it.  But still.

Hellstorm has changed his costume and doesn’t go by Son of Satan anymore.  Good choice, dude.

Speaking of costumes, Tigra goes after Hellcat for wearing her original garb.

Then they all fight the bad guy.  And win, of course.  And we get to see Master Pandemonium’s origin, as if anyone cares.  Mephisto busted up his soul into five parts.

There’s lots more detail to all the Tigra/Cat Demon/Master Pandemonium subplots but honestly they’re just bad.


Suffice to say, it ends with Tigra becoming fully Greer Nelson (in personality) again.  So no more BDSM, I guess.  But she also now has a tail.

Hawkeye and Mockingbird continue to have a marriage that is less than ideal.

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