I’ve said it before but it bears repeating: Marvel deserved bankuptcy in the ’90s.

The Fantastic Four are “dead” so four people feel the need to take up the mantle of being a four-person supergroup with the word “Fantastic” in their name. The team is funded by Black Panther, but beyond him, it’s the absolute worst parts of the original Fantastic Four: Alternative future Franklin Richards, a.k.a. Psi-Lord. Huntara, the galactic bounty hunter who hates whiners…

A recap of one the FF’s all-time worst storylines.

Vibraxas, a Wakandan who has “vibrational powers” that he is still learning how to use.

And a were-ogre(?) named Devlor, of The Inhumas.

The engage in the usual banter-N-bicker, which is frankly tiresome at this point, until Klaw attacks and they learn to work together as a team, because teamwork makes the dream work.

Actually, they don’t even defeat Klaw. Black Panther does.

This isn’t awful, but it’s far from memorable.

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