GENERATION X #7-9 (1995)

This issue starts with Banshee having a nightmare–remembering his days in Interpol–and we learn that he and Emma are sharing living quarters now. And their proximity means that she and him share psychic dreamspace.

That’s funny, but I really hope we’re not looking at a Banshee/Emma Frost love affair.

They’re living together because, in the last issue, the girls’ dormitory exploded–and so Emma doesn’t have a bedroom. It’s confirmed in this story that Chamber did it, by accident. It seems possibly tied to Paige trying to kiss him–like he lost control in a big way.

Synch and Skin build a treehouse for Leech–the baby of the bunch and their newest member.

And we see that Monet doesn’t want to be with the Gen Xers, and Gateway is her mentor–teaching her how to use her powers.

The team then has to go to Ireland to find Cassidy’s home.

The castle he owns has been shunted into a faerie dimension, and the team has to go get it, fight ogres and dragons, etc.

It’s a fine story, but the character moments are really where this book shines. In fact, the “hunt for the castle” story feels a little like an Excalibur tale–and I was not a fan of that book.

During the adventure, M goes into another “frozen state,” without warning. Emma tries to offer her own special brand of empathy in the end.

We see more of the characters Cordelia and Mondo, but we still don’t really know who they are.

One last note: Check out the logo on the cover:

Not only are there no longer corner boxes (something I loved), but there’s not even an issue #. That’s annoying.

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