UNCANNY X-MEN #109-110 (1977): 1st Guardian/Weapon Alpha


John Byrne gets coplotter credit with Chris Claremont and together the Canadian artist and your writer deliver Vindicator and the “Weapon Alpha” concept that would eventually fill in a lot of holes in Wolverine’s past and establish the world’s first Canadian superteam.  This was the beginning of Wolverine becoming one of Marvel’s most popular characters.

It starts with Vindicator trying to reclaim Wolverine as part of Alpha Flight, and then, of course…

…they fight. 

The team also fights Warhawk, who was hired by (off screen) Sebastian Shaw.

The story naturally flows from the one before it–seamlessly moving between entirely different arcs.  That’s what makes these comics so hard to break up in posts.

Issue #110 was also the first time The X-Men played baseball–and it would become a regular feature.

And we saw an alternate Wolverine costume that looks like Timber Wolf from Legion of Super Heroes.

Creators: Claremont and Cockrum
Grade: A

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