UNCANNY X-MEN #109 (1977): 1st Guardian

John Byrne gets coplotter credit with Chris Claremont and together the Canadian artist and writer deliver the first signs of Alpha Flight, in the form of Vindicator.

Canada created Wolverine, and they want their investment back. James Hudson comes to collect.

Wolverine is resistant to leaving. (Actually, I just think he doesn’t like being bossed around, period.)


OK. James Hudson isn’t Vindicator yet. He’s “Weapon Alpha,” and he refers to Logan as “Weapon X.”

The “Weapon X” concept that would eventually fill in a lot of holes in Wolverine’s past and establish the world’s first Canadian superteam.  This was also the early stages of Wolverine becoming one of Marvel’s most popular characters.

Eventually, the rest of the X-Men join in and drive Jimmie-Boy away.

Also: Storm waters her plants.

I don’t know why but I’ve always liked it when she does that. And it wasn’t just the nudity.

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