INVINCIBLE IRON MAN #317, WAR MACHINE #15 (1995): Brothers in Arms

This was a “flip book” story. In other words, each issue (posted separately), continue to tell the regular story for that series, but a second story appeared in the back half of the book, in reverse and upside-down, so that you “flipped” the book over to read it.

Did that make it a better story?

No, now that you ask. No, it did not.

First of all, it was called “Brothers in Arms” but was also called “Vicious Circle” and also had the title of the series each installment where the story appeared.

The story gave Hawkeye a team to work with, The Shadows, but they never appear again. It even had a mercenary named Hazzard whose real name was Freddie Mercury. Never seen again.

In other words, there is absolutely no reason to read this story.

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