FF#305 ended with Doctor Doom arriving at the Baxter Buiding and demanding that Reed Richards hand over Franklin. Why? Because Franklin defeated Mephisto in the “Mephisto Vs.” miniseries that just wrapped up, and now Doom wants Franklin to defeat Mephisto again and force the demon to release the soul of Doom’s mom.

Turns out, he doesn’t have to kidnap the boy–Franklin volunteers. The FF go to help with the fight, leaving Doom’s ward, Kristoff, alone in his padded Baxter Building cell. Kristoff escapes, steals some spare Doom armor, and convinces some Doombots to go to war with Doctor Doom.

At the end, Doom’s mommy’s soul is still held by Mephisto. The big battle between Franklin and Mephisto never really happens. It’s weird and anticlimactic.

Nothing is really resolved in this annual–it feels like a long issue of the series. It’s good, it’s just not what I would expect from an annual.

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