Tales of Suspense #60 (1964): Iron Man/Captain America

Another split issue.

Tony Stark is trapped in his armor because it’s the only thing that’s keeping his heart beating, and the splash page is a nicely symbolic version of that. It also puts Tony in a tube, which is a grand Marvel tradition. There’s a tag for it, below.

So as Iron Man, he’s making up reasons why Tony is out of sight.

Even to his best friends.

Meanwhile, Black Widow and Hawkeye return. Clint is Natasha’s patsy.

They set up Iron Man to be a fall guy. They try to steal Stark tech and Iron Man stops them.

And Hawkeye feels bad in the end, while Widow wonders if she’ll ever see her true love again.

Widow alternates between being a very clever and sophisticated spy and a lovesick idiot. Stan Lee’s characterizations were usually lacking in subtlety. Especially his women.

On the Cap side, he tracks down Zemo’s jungle base and takes the fight to him.

Rick Jones is with him.

Cap notes that he still has the magnets Tony Stark gave him to make his shield a more versatile throwing weapon.

The cops can’t believe he beat up all those green dudes alone.

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