INVINCIBLE IRON MAN #315-318 (1995): Titanium Man dies

In the mid-90s, Iron Man became an international hero–not just in his own comic, but as the leader of Force Works. Iron Man comics focused heavily on world issues. It was an interesting attempt to move Marvel out of its generally New York City focus.

In this arc, he goes to Russia–where he is considering opening a branch of Stark International. He takes Black Widow with him to do due diligence.

Meanwhile, the Russian antihero Titanium Man plans to foil Stark’s grand opening.

The Russian government, seeking to support foreign investment, sends Crimson Dynamo to help Iron Man.

He has a new (atrocious) costume. Which Tony Stark puts on after Valentin–the main inside the Dynamo suit–gets injured, because he is worried that Mother Russia needs to defeat Titanium Man publicly, not Iron Man.

I guess Tony will do anything to support good trade relations.

But it ends up being a trick, and the CD armor is programmed to kill–not neutralize–Titanium Man.

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  1. My favorite moment of this two-parter is when Natasha asks Tony which of her various ‘Black Widow’ outfits did he like the best, to which Tony replies: “Uh…………the purple one……..with the fishnets.” Which Natasha finds explosively hilarious!!


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