DOMINO #1-3 (1997)

Domino is interrupted on vacation by Puck wearing a beret and calling himself Belmont.

Hm. That’s a first.

He tells Domino that a former lover of hers (who she says was “the one”) is being held by Henry Peter Gyrich. She goes to rescue him and finds Lady Deathstrike.

Domino has luck powers, but she’s not lucky this time. She’s too late. Donald Pierce and Skullbuster have taken Milo and are trying to turn him into a cyborg, like them, because Milo has precog powers and Pierce wants to use them for his own ends.

Pierce looks like this now….

He explains that he was saved from death by Trevor Fitzroy. That guy is everywhere!

Domino tracks down the lab and seemingly kills Skullbuster and Deathstrike, and also destroys Pierce’s body (but we see that Pierce transfers his mind to another body).

Milo is killed, however.

Nothing particularly interesting or innovative here, but nothing really bad either.

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