Nova #15-18 (1977-1978)

Nick Fury sends robot superhero LMDs to “test” Nova and see if he’s worthy of partnering up to hunt one of Marvel’s worst villains, Yellow Claw.

He also puts him through a bondage deathtrap test.

Nova passes the test, and we get three issues of Yellow Claw.

Who wants to create a tidal wave to destroy Manhattan. He also straps Nick and Nova to a bomb.

So it turns out those bondage death traps came in handy.

When against Claw, Nova figures out that if he’s on fire he should go into water.

In the end, they literally drive off into the sunset–in Fury’s flying car.

Also, more of Crime Buster in this issue. He calls his guns “whammers.”

He’s a little too precious for my liking.

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