CABLE #22-23 (1995)

A story with art chores spit between Ian Churchill and Tim Sale? Yes, please. Domino goes to the Canadian Rocky Mountains to track down a “bigfoot” that she and Cable believe. is their old pal Grizzly. And it is.

She spends these issues tracking him, finding him, and fighting him.

She finally gets Grizz to understand he’s being hunted as a bigfoot, but it’s too late…

This is the “action” side of the comic, and it’s a fun read. The main story, though, is Cable and more of his miserably complicated future-that-is-now-present. Specifically, he’s looking for his son, Tyler.

Cable finds Tyler’s hideout and, in trying to track Tyler down, finds that his wife Jenskot is alive (she died in Cable’s own timeline). He goes back to the future, with Domino, to make things right.

It’s a big “issue #25” celebration. There’s also some Askani religion stuff that I have to be honest does not hold my interest. Nothing in this story is bad, it’s just that all the timeline stuff is hard to follow unless you read very closely and care a lot about a huge cast of characters with similar names and appearances. And lots of pages like this:

It ends with Cable going back to the “current” 616 timeline, leaving his son Tyler back in the future to fight Stryfe.

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