AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #28-29 and ANNUAL 2001, PETER PARKER SPIDER-MAN #29 (2001): Mary Jane returns

Oh my God!  Mary Jane is actually alive!

Pete’s been in mourning for quite some time now, even with girls throwing themselves at him.

After a tussle with The Enforcers, we learn that Mary Jane is alive and being held prisoner by a crazy stalker.  Actually, even if we hadn’t already seen scenes of her being held prisoner, we would of course assume that she wasn’t really killed when her plane exploded and no body was found.

It turns out, Mary Jane being held by a dude who is trying to lure Spider-Man.  He has glowy eyes and blows himself up in the end.  None of this is particularly interesting or has lasting relevance—Paul Jenkins is just helping Howard Mackie end this long-running storyline.

Then, in 2001’s Amazing Spider-Man Annual, we get a gentle wrap up that returns us to status quo.

Complete with Superman reference–who Paul Jenkins helped kill over at DC.

I’m not a fan of the “MJ is dead” storyline, but since Marvel did it, I’m glad they also committed to resolving it in a really decompressed way across multiple Spider-Man titles.  I mean, it should be a big deal.  It also marks the end of Howard Mackie’s very uneven run on Amazing Spider-Man—with #30, the controversial (but in my view FANTASTIC) run of J. Michael Straczynski and JR Jr. begins.

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