The mutants head to the Himalayas to connect with Lorna and Alex, who are investigating a yeti (and they crash land in the mountains because crash landings part of the X-tradition).

After dealing with the monster’s initial attacks, they learn he’s just protecting a skrull he’s in love with.


At this time, Attilan was located in the Himalayas so the Inhumans make an appearance. They’re the ones who advise the X-Men that they have stumbled into a love affair.

Also, the story connects to the First Line team from John Byrne’s Marvel: The Lost Generation project.

Angel stays home to help arrange his mom’s funeral.

While they’re gone, Kraven the Hunter breaks into X-Mansion and takes Avia hostage. When the team gets home, he’s there waiting for them.

That will be the story next issue.

This story is fairly self-contained. The first such issue for this series.

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