INHUMANS #1-4 (2000)

The Inhumans were created by the Kree. They now are trying to avoid the doings of Earth people after Paul Jenkins’ wonderful miniseries almost had the Inhumans going to war with humans.

Ronan the Accuser shows up and accuses them of not living up to their Kree birthright and ruling Earth.

Of all people, Maximus the Mad leads the Inhuman revolt against Kree enslavement as Ronan uses the Inhumans to plan an assassination of the Shi’Ar empress.

We end with Black Bolt facing off against Ronan and winning the freedom of his people.

Yet many of them choose to continue to work with Ronan–to become the “Kree Inheritors” and travel through space conquering planets for the Kree, rather than return to an Earth that does not want them there.

Many new characters are introduced in this solid entry into the Inhumans’ complex history, but they never appear again. This miniseries appears to be largely forgotten.

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