INHUMANS #1-2 (1975): 1st Iridia

Note: They start as the “uncanny” Inhumans…

Don’t get too excited when you see George Perez in the credits.  This is early work, and he’s still forming his distinctive style.  Still, in the sequence above you can see the beginnings: Thin panels crowd a page to flash quickly between an event and the people watching it, giving a sense of urgency.

We start with a candidate to be a new Inhuman.

A sickly, “hideous” woman needs the mists to save her life.

I am fairly sure this is the first time we saw the Terrigen Mists in action-at least like this-and it kind of looks like a torture chamber.

She emerges as a butterfly. Apparently, not wanting to be “ugly” is now a sanctioned use for the mists.

For the main story, we learn that the Kree are at war in another galaxy and Blastaar comes to Earth to take out the Inhumans, who are seen as a possible threat to turn the tide of that war. 

He comes to Attilan, knocks out pretty much the entire Royal Family, turns on some doomsday machines, and leaves. 

I could have used more of him-he’s a favorite villain of mine.

The doomsday machines are basically the Inhuman version of The Sentinels, called the Kaptroids (or as I call them, “crap droids”), because everything about The Inhumans is basically a stupid version of something cool from the X-Men.  The Inhumans defeat the droids.

Note: Crystal is not with the Inhumans at this time.

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