EXCALIBUR #111-114 (1997)

Kitty Pryde is possessed by Ogun and fights the team. Ogun leaves her body when Pete Wisdom threatens to kill her rather than let Ogun live inside her. It seems like that’s going the be the main story, but it’s over in a few pages and doesn’t matter.

Meanwhile, Rory Campbell is now part of the Hellfire Club, who bomb a plane that Colossus and Megan are in. They crash over the mountains and then they meet High Evolutionary. That’s the main story.

Or maybe it’s the Pete Wisdom espionage subplot. I don’t know. Even Lockheed gets his own subplot.

I don’t like him speaking in language, or being portrayed as babyish or silly.

And Douglock is crushing on Wolfsbane.

Despite that I love anything referencing the tradition of planes blowing up in X-Men books, this “arc” has way too many plotlines to be cohesive, the art is bad, and the script is just average.

At least this book is almost over.

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