Marvel Fanfare #43 (1989)

It’s an all Bill Mantlo issue!  Uh, I mean, “it’s an all Bill Mantlo issue.”  Mantlo was a versatile fill-in writer, known for turning in scripts in 24 hours to ensure deadlines weren’t missed.  But when you give a guy a day to write, you get a story that was written in a day.  Both these stories read like Mantlo wrote them years ago to fill in for a possible missed deadline, but the stories sat in a drawer and now editor Al Milgrom is pulling them out because … I don’t know.  Why do we even still have Marvel Fanfare when we also have Marvel Comics Presents turning out short stories every month?  It’s a glut.

Sub-Mariner meets some pirates and the Fantastic Four fight some non-powered criminals.

Art by Mike Mignola (Sub-Mariner), Greg Brooks (F4)

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