UNCANNY X-MEN ANNUAL #17 (1993): 1st X-Cutioner, Shard Bishop, Sienna Blaze; death of Mastermind, Tower

I suppose it was inevitable that we would get a character named X-Cutioner.

Guess what his deal is?

He kills self-hating mutants.

He is introduced while Tower, the old X-Factor villain, is terrorizing some random Mexican village. X-Cutioner appears on the scene full of smoke and fire and kills Tower quickly and unceremoniously.

Here he is standing over Tower’s smoking body.

He then goes after Mastermind, who is in custody of the Muir Island X-team, and is dying of the legacy virus. He attacks the team and there’s a bunch of X-Men who “appear” but they’re really only mirages created by Mastermind.

Before he dies, Jean meets him on the psychic plane and forgives him.

X-Cutioner arrives after Mastermind is already dead, and we get an X-Men vs. X-Cutioner fight.

Colossus is injured in the battle, and the story continues directly into X-Men #301.

There’s a back-up story drawn by Tom Grummett that features the first appearance of Sienna Blaze. She is introduced by Fitzroy and Bantam, who tell her she matters in the future.

I really dislike all the time-traveling in X-Men.

This issue also introduces Shard Bishop, who is Bishop’s younger sister, but the depiction is illusory. She won’t really appear until later.

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