New Warriors #43 (1994)

This is Vance “Justice” Astrovik’s return, after serving time in The Vault for killing his own father. Apparently, parole works very quickly in the Marvel Universe.

Naturally, folks are upset that he basically did a couple months’ time for his crime.  Granted, the conviction was not for murder one, since his powers were accidently triggered in response to his father’s abuse, but still—he was deemed a danger to society, and as soon he gets out and is greeted by protesters, this happens…

So, yeah.  It looks like he’s been released prematurely.

The story focuses on his re-entry into society and dealing with his mom (who, because of his accidental homicide, is a widow), and watching the New Warriors join him in his rage against people who think he got out of jail too soon (which, again, he did).  He also gets a new costume, as seen on the cover.

In the end, though, he leaves The New Warriors when Shinobi Shaw tells him that the world will never accept him, signaling a cross-over with X-Force in the future.  There’s some interesting bonding between Vance and Shaw, since both of them killed their fathers.

And Namorita leaves Atlantis.  And for some reason, her time there has changed her appearance to look more like a blue-skinned Atlantean.

The work with Justice is well done as always.  This comic has done great work with him.  The rest of it is fairly standard.

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