X-FORCE #121-122 (2001-2002): 1st Lacuna and Spike

Since X-Force members keep dying, it’s time to recruit a new one again. And this time, they want a person of color. They approach a black mutant named Spike, but Anarchist votes against him.


Spike holds a press conference and claims racism by Anarchist, which leads the time to argue internally, and ultimately Anarchist admits that he thinks he’ll be cut from the team if there’s a second black man. We also learn that Anarchist has Obsessive Compulsive Disorder that manifests as repetitious hand-washing to “clean” his black skin. It was caused by racism he experienced as a child.

Yeah. All that is a LOT. This is a comic unlike any that had come before it.

Meanwhile, another person wants to join: Lacuna. She threatens to kill herself if they don’t take her. At this point, U-Go-Girl is so used to people dying that she basically dares Lacuna to do it.

Humiliated, Lacuna gets revenge by stealing all the team-members’ clothes while they are on the Larry King Show.

The token black issue.  Fantastic.

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