Marvel Holiday Special (1994)

Note: This is the SECOND 1994 Marvel Holiday Special. The first is here.

Beast and Iceman have a Catastrophe on 34th Street, saving a bunch of Santas-for-hire from a Lava Man.

A misunderstood Lava Man. At this point, “underground dwelling villains being sympathetic because their world is being destroyed: is a tired trope. Thing has an adventure in the same place, but they take place at different times. Rockefeller Center is not a place you want to be at Christmas, apparently, unless you like super-hero destruction.

Captain America tracks human traffickers (a bit dark for a Holiday book).

Silver Surfer and Eternity do some sentimental stuff. Spider-Man has a nice wordless adventure.

And the X-Men adapt the “Twas the night before Christmas” poem.

Oddly, Punisher, Wolverine, and Ghost Rider do NOT APPEAR in this comic. Which may make it the ONLY 1994 comic that none of them appeared in!

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