Alias #6-9 (2002)

Luke Cage has already been seen as a womanizer, and in issue #6 we get confirmation of some of the capes he’s slept with…

…And also that he has a huge dick. When Jessica says she doesn’t want to date him again, Carol Danvers tries to set her up with Scott “Ant Man” Lang and Jessica says no.

I mean, how do you go from Luke Cage to Ant-Man?

Most of issue #6 was just this conversation, over lunch, between friends. In his prime, Bendis could make an issue like this go quickly and be completely entertaining and worth four bucks. The issue also introduces Jessica’s new personal assistant Malcom Powder and a storyline where she is hired by Rick Jones’ wife to track down her husband.

She ultimately does find Rick, who, it turns out, is not the same Rick Jones. He’s just a guy with the same name who kinda looks like the real Rick Jones and uses this false identity to pick up chicks. Which is a completely brilliant twist.

Woven through the story are pages from (the real) Rick Jones’ autobiography, Sidekick, that are very entertaining.

This is easily my favorite Rick Jones story ever. Probably because he’s not in it.

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