CABLE #63 and X-MAN #46-47 (1998-1999): Blood Brothers

Stryfe and the Dark Riders return in a giant pyramid that crashes into Latveria. X-Man and Maddie fight them while a Dark Riders contingent captures Jean Grey. Cable fights them and rescues her. And then he rescues X-Man.

And on and on.

Cable and X-Man end up saving the world from a very confusing Stryfe plot and bond as friends. X-Man also gets a new power–he can “phase” just like Kitty Pryde.

I liked X-Man in the earlier issues, but it’s gotten hopelessly laden down by its own apocalyptic premonitions and I know those won’t come true so…I just don’t care.

Oh, and they’re in Latveria but NEVER MEET DOCTOR DOOM.

JH Williams, many years after this issue, will go on to become one of my favorite artists when he works on Batwoman. But in these issues he’s still forming his style. It’s good, but not as good as it will be.

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