X-MAN #31 (1997)

X-Man has been having a lot of done-in-one adventures for a character with “X” in his title. I like that the book is not slavishly bound to impenetrable continuity featuring dozens of characters I barely know or care about.

In this story, he starts having dreams of a boy being hunted by the X-Men, and then he starts seeing the boy in real life. He assumes the boy is a mutant, tracks him down, and learns he’s a dire wraith.

He then starts to learn about how the X-Men participated in the slaughter of the entire Dire Wraith race (but they kinda deserved it). Just as he’s starting to sympathize with the wraith race’s plight, the kid is revealed as Hybrid, starts being evil, and Nate kills him.

Good story. My only real criticism: No mention of or appearance by ROM!

Guest creative team featuring a personal favorite, Rick Leonardi, on pencils!

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