Captain America #387-392 (1991): The Superia Stratagem; 1st Superia and Hauptmann Deutschland

This seems like a long arc, but there are back-up stories as well so it’s really about half as many issues.  But the chick version of my favorite villain is featured on the cover of the lead-in issue, so this should be good, right?


In this tale, a bunch of threads from the back-up features are tied together as a whole bunch of lady villains form a super-villain group. 

They’re all invited to a cruise ship…

…Where a mysterious figure is surveilling them. That’s Superia.

Of course the villains all fight each other a little.

Here’s a group shot of all the villains…

As you can see, these are D-Listers at best. Gals like Quicksand. And Snapdragon.

Characters nobody was looking for. There are also some new ones created, like Impala…

And a bunch from the old Thing comic with all the evil wrestlers. 

They’re led by another new villain, Superia, whose evil plot is to sterilize all the women in the world except for the villains in her crew, so that they will be able to raise the next generation of Earthlings in their own, twisted way.

She has a flying stage to ride on. So that means she is important.

While Superia is building her forces, Captain America and Paladin are interrogating bad guys about MODAM.

She’s going after the Serpent Society because they killed MODOK. Or something. Honestly, this is not a good story and I don’t care all that much. So Cap goes after her.

Paladin calls her a hump.

Eventually, they track her down to Superia’s boat and they are immediately detected.

And then of course it’s a huge fight. 

The cover of #390 has a truly awful, sexist joke…

The villains capture Cap and Paladin and put them…Yes. In tubes.

Of course they put them in tubes.

Inside the book, they’re naked except for underwear and masks. And it gets even sillier.

They are set to undergo “feminization treatment.” Seriously. That’s what MODAM calls it.

Now go Google “feminization treatment.”

I’m skipping over a lot.  A LOT.  Because it’s really bad.

Check out the art in the Red Skull back up story.

Red Skull and a bunch of other German characters (like Blitzkrieg) have been captured by Hauptmann Deutschland: The German Captain America.


It sets up the story for the next arc.

Grade: F.  It kills me to give a failing grade to a MODOK/MODAM story.

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